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Focal Abdominal Uptake on FDG PET Scanning

This Case of the Month provided by IBA Group.

1. Discuss the role of PET imaging in MALT lymphoma
2. Recognize the importance of incidental focal colonic FDG uptake on PET imaging

HISTORY: A 71 year-old female with MALT lymphoma of the stomach status post complete response to chemotherapy was referred for serial restaging FDG PET studies at 6 monthly intervals.

TECHNIQUE: FDG PET scans were obtained from the base of the skull to the proximal thighs approximately 60 minutes after intravenous injection of 15 mCi F-18 FDG. Attenuation correction was performed using rod source transmission scans. The first image was obtained approximately 2 months after completion of chemotherapy while the patient was clinically in complete remission. The middle image was 6 months after the initial image and the right most image was one year after the initial image.

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Primary Authors & Institutions
H. William Strauss, MD, FACNM
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY
Primary Author Daniel Pryma, MD
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

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